Uploading your Dataset

Uploading your dataset via credolab SDK is a straightforward process that allows you to easily integrate with our platform. Here are the two essential steps you'll need to follow:

  1. Get API key: To upload datasets to Credolab, you need to have the API key which is used to identify who tries to upload the dataset.
  2. Upload Request: After successfully logging in, the upload request can be initiated to transfer the dataset to our platform for processing and analysis.


Using Web SDK?

Please note that the documentation provided on this page pertains to mobile platforms. If you have already integrated the Web SDK, you may proceed directly to the guide on 'Collecting your Dataset Insight'.

1. Obtain API key

The API key - is the key Credolab uses to identify the client who is uploading the dataset to the Credolab server.

How to get the API key:

  • the API key with Uploader should be provided by Credolab right after the subscription is created.

2. Upload Dataset from a client device

POST /api/datasets/v1/upload

Request Description

Upload dataset.

Request Headers

AuthorizationBearer $API_KEYThe header is used to authorize the request. Remember that you will have to replace $API_KEY with your actual API key from Obtain API key.

Request Parameters

The parameter which could be used to identify the dataset.
The allowable value must not exceed 100 characters in length.

We recommend using alphanumeric characters, dashes "-" and underscores "_" for the referenceNumber.
The mobile dataset collected by credolab SDK
Represent the real user IP address from which the dataset was uploaded to the client-server

Request Body Example (application/json):

  	"referenceNumber": "#123456789",
  	"data": "H4sIAAAAAAAAAOVc62/bNhC/D/5DjHz...",
  	"realIp": ""


Status code 200 or ProblemDetails Exception


Sample values for data parameter

We offer five dataset samples from both Android and iOS platforms. To simulate upload requests to our server, use these samples in the data parameter for testing.

Download samples