Collecting your Dataset Insight

This document outlines the two-step process for accessing dataset insights from the credolab Portal after successful client-side integration.

  1. Log in to credolab Portal: To access the full range of features, you must log in to the credolab Portal. Provide your credentials and the system will verify and authenticate them. Upon successful authentication, you will be granted access to the platform's tools and resources.
  2. Request Dataset Insights: After logging in, you can request insights into the dataset. This will initiate the processing of the data. The insight response can be fully customised based on your request.

1. Log in to credolab Portal

POST /api/account/v1/login

Login Request Description

This API call obtains a security token value with the provided subscription credentials.
The token has an expiration time of 60 minutes.

Login Request Parameters

userEmail [string]User email
password [string]Password

Login Request Body Example (application/json)

    "userEmail": "[email protected]",
    "password": "TestPasswordValue"

Login Response

The API call will return the security token information.

Login Response Body Example (application/json)

    "access_token": "access_token_value",
    "token_type": "bearer",
    ".issued": "2018-04-08T11:01:41.9286886+03:00",
    ".expires": "2018-04-08T11:01:41.9286886+03:00"

Sending the Access Token in the Request Header

When sending the access token in the request header field, the client must use the Bearer authentication scheme to transmit the access token.

Authorisation: Bearer access_token_value

2. Request Dataset Insights from credolab Portal

GET /v6.0/datasets/{referenceNumber}/datasetinsight

Dataset Insight Request Description

This API call requests information about the dataset insights. It requires authentication, which was obtained in the previous step.

Dataset Insight Request Parameters

Unique identifier of the dataset registered on the Credolab server.

Dataset Insight Response Result

The API call will return the dataset information insight. The result contains the following attributes:

Main entityEntityNameDescriptionExample
Result AttributesdatasetInfo
Dataset information.
Result AttributesdatasetInforeferenceNumber
The unique reference code for each dataset and score."12345678"
Result AttributesdatasetInfouploadDate
Date/time when the dataset is uploaded into the credolab server.Timestamp ISO-8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh24:mi:ssZ and expressed in GMT."2020-12-16T02:26:50.04"
Result AttributesdatasetInfosource
The device/method used to capture the dataset.  There are 3 types: 0 - Android, 1 - iOS, 2 – Web.0
Result AttributesrequestedDate
Date/time when the api is triggered by the requestor. Timestamp ISO-8601 format: YYYY-MM-DDThh24:mi:ssZ and expressed in GMT."2020-12-16T02:39:24.986424"
Result Attributesrequestor
E-mail login of the users who triggered the API.[email protected]
Result Attributesscores
[array of scores entity]
A separate entity with details on each scorecard that is deployed on the subscription.
Result Attributesscorescode
Scorecard code that is defined by credolab.SC01
Result Attributesscoresvalue
Score value based on the dataset captured and scorecard configured by credolab.595
Result Attributesscoresprobability
Probability of default. Expressed in 4 decimal places.0.0407
Result Attributesfragments
[array of fragments entity]
A separate entity with details on each fragment that is deployed on the subscription.
Result Attributesfragmentscode
Fragment code that is defined by credolab.F01
Result Attributesfragmentsvalue
[array of items entity]
A separate entity with details on each item of the fragment.

Standard Fragment Setup (Only for Android and iOS)

Fragment NameObjectiveAndroid Sample ResponseiOS Sample Response
Permission [array of objects]Display the name of permissions and flag (state) whether the permission:  - Granted (state: “1”) - Not granted (state:”0”) - App manifest is not declared (state: “-1”) - only available for Android - Permission does not exist due to the SDK module is not installed or outdated OS (state: null){ "permission":"READ_CONTACTS","state":"1}{ "permission": "NSContactsUsageDescription","state": “0”}
Display the device details: - deviceID: the device identifier captured by credolab - osVersion: OS version of the device - brand: brand of the device - model: model of the device{"deviceID":"5c3b94feaa6f3a6ee01e46e58819991c","osVersion":"10","brand":"Redmi","model":"M2006C3LG"}{ "permission": "NSContactsUsageDescription", "state": “0” }
Display flag and no. of times the application has been submitted by the same device.  isRepeatableUpload: flag whether the device has been used before to capture the dataset.  When the device has been used more than 1 time, isRepeatableUpload is “1”. Else, “0”.  associatedDatasetCount: number of collected datasets associated with the same device. The value will be counted starting from 1.{"isRepeatableUpload":"1","associatedDatasetsCount":"2"}{"isRepeatableUpload":"1","associatedDatasetsCount":"2"}