Error Codes and Messages

1. Credolab Error Codes

HTTP status codeDescription
400The server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client error (for example, some required field is empty)
401You do not have the authentication (either not authenticated at all or authenticated incorrectly); please re-authenticate and try again.
403The request was valid, but the server is refusing action. The user might not have the necessary permissions for a resource
404The requested resource could not be found
405A request method is not supported for the requested resource; for example, a GET request on a form that requires data to be presented via POST, or a PUT request on a read-only resource.
410Indicates that the requested resource is no longer available(e.g. dataset file has been deleted from the server)
415The request entity has a media type that the server (or resource) does not support, or the media type is missed.
500A generic error message is given when an unexpected condition is encountered on the service
503Credolab server availability issue

2. Credolab Error Messages

Credolab informs API clients of both the high-level error class (using the status code) and the finer-grained details of the problem (using HTTP response body with content type: application/problem+json). 

The latest approach is [RFC 7807]-based.

An exception has up to four properties:

Status (integer)The HTTP status code [RFC 7231] for the exception.
Title (string)A short, human-readable summary of the problem type.
Detail (string)A human-readable explanation is specific to this occurrence of the problem.
Type (string)A URI reference that identifies the problem type.


    "type": "",
    "title": "subscription_suspended",
    "status": 400,
    "detail": "Unable to login to the suspended subscription"

Credolab API performs validation of data models that are passed as the body parameters, thus responding with 400(Bad Request) status code, e.g:

    "errors": {
        "password": [
            "Password is required"
        "userEmail": [
            "Email is required"
    "title": "One or more validation errors occurred.",
    "status": 400

Below is the list of the supported error messages for the API actions provided by credolab.

Account API

api/account/v1/credoAppLogin400subscription_suspendedUnable to log in to the suspended subscription
api/account/v1/credoAppLogin400auth_key_invalidThe auth key is invalid
api/account/v1/login400user_credentials_invalidThe user email or password is invalid
api/account/v1/login400subscription_suspendedUnable to log in to the suspended subscription
api/account/v1/login400profile_inactiveYour profile is inactive. Please contact your subscription administrator

Upload API

api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber is required field
api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber can't start/end with whitespaces
api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber has max length of 100
api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber can't contain /
api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_not_uniqueThe reference number is not unique
api/datasets/v1/upload400real_ip_invalidclientIp is required
api/datasets/v1/upload400data_invaliddata is required
api/datasets/v1/upload400data_invalidDecryption error occured
api/datasets/v1/upload400data_invalidException during decompression occured
api/datasets/v1/upload400reference_number_expiredDataset already expired

Insights API

api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400reference_number_invalidDataset with the specified reference number does not exist
api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber is required
api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber can't start/end with whitespaces
api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber length should be between 1 and 100
api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400dataset_incompleteUnable to calculate insight for dataset in incomplete state.
api/insights/v1/{referencenumber}400no_insights_configuredNo insights configured.

Fraud Check API

api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400ruleset_id_invalid'RulesetId' must not start/end with whitespaces.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400ruleset_id_invalid'RulesetId' is required
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400ruleset_id_invalidRuleset with the specified id doesn't exist.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400reference_number_invalid'ReferenceNumber' must not start/end with whitespaces.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400reference_number_invalid'ReferenceNumber' is required
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400reference_number_invalidDataset with the specified reference number does not exist
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400reference_number_invalidreferenceNumber length should be between 1 and 100
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400account_code_invalid'AccountCode' must not start/end with whitespaces.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400account_code_invalid'AccountCode' is required
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400dataset_expiredUnable to retrieve iovation result for dataset in expired state.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400dataset_incompleteUnable to retrieve iovation result for dataset in incomplete state.
api/iovation/v1/{referenceNumber}/fraudchecks/{rulesetId}400empty_blackboxBlackbox is empty