About Credolab SDK for Android

Credolab relies on its proprietary SDK to collect metadata that is used by its clients as part of a loan or credit card application process. App developers such as banks, digital lenders, wallets, and insurance companies use our SDK when they want to improve the accuracy of their credit scoring and fraud detection processes in developed and developing markets alike. We use only metadata, not personal data, to generate >10 Million predictive features for our Machine Learning models. The metadata is anonymised, depersonalised, not used for any other reason, nor sold to 3rd parties.

Access to data occurs on the user’s device while the user applies for a loan or a credit card and is transmitted off the user’s device in the form of anonymised and depersonalised metadata in JSON format.

Although Credolab SDK does not collect personal data or pseudonymous data, Credolab's client is able to reassociate the output of Credolab’s scoring algorithm with a user to facilitate financial inclusion whilst also detecting and stopping fraudulent and risky behaviours.

Credolab SDK collects the following optional data type allowing users the ability to opt into or opt out of data collection:

The SDK transmits this metadata off the device for the following purposes:

  • App functionality: The SDK is used by our clients to enable a seamless loan or credit card application process, a core feature of the app that also includes the correct authentication and verification of users' data.
  • Analytics: The SDK is used to collect data about how users use the app while applying for a financial service. Through proprietary algorithms, Credolab converts the metadata into predictive alternative risk scores that facilitate financial inclusion and allow our clients to approve more users at fairer terms.
  • Fraud prevention, security and compliance: The SDK is used for fraud prevention at loan or credit card application stage, monitoring possible fraudulent activity at login (including data manipulation and 1st party fraud attempts), detecting phishing scams, loan stacking fraud, presence of payday lending and/or VPN/TOR apps.
  • Account management: The SDK is used to enable users to create an account as part of the loan or credit card application process while also verifying their familiarity with their own credentials.

Besides the Core module (that does not access any dangerous permission), the other modules of the SDK are all optional. Each client is free to enable (or not) each module at its own discretion.

The SDK does not transfer data to third parties.

Although not required because no personal data is collected, the SDK encrypts data in transit via the TLS 1.2 protocol.

The app developer and/or users can easily request Credolab to delete user data collected by contacting us at [email protected] or by mail at: CredoLab Pte. Ltd, #12-01 Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, Singapore 068912.