credolabSDK for Cordova is a set of libraries designed to capture a client’s digital footprint from mobile devices and upload it to the credolab web service for future processing of scorecards and fragments.



Go to the Declare dependencies section of the Cordova Integration documentation to learn how to resolve these artifacts in your project

Core Module

Artifact IDVersion

Android Modules

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iOS Modules

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Core Module

Based on native modules Android Core Module and iOS Core Module


Our developed modules are categorized based on runtime permissions. To determine which permissions are associated with each module, please refer to the Android SDK or iOS SDK documentation.

Android Modules

  1. AndroidApplicationModule
  2. AndroidAccountModule
  3. AndroidCalendarModule
  4. AndroidContactModule
  5. AndroidIovationModule
  6. AndroidAudioModule
  7. AndroidImagesModule
  8. AndroidVideoModule
  9. AndroidSmsModule

Please note that Behavioral Module and Logging Plugin are not available for Cordova.

iOS Modules

  1. IosCalendarEventsModule
  2. IosCalendarRemindersModule
  3. IosContactModule
  4. IosIovationModule
  5. IosMediaModule
  6. IosMusicModule

Please note that CredoAppBehavioral and CredoAppLogging are not available for Cordova.