Flutter SDK Reference

Class Credoappsdk

Represents the bridge between Flutter and native SDK.
Located in the file lib\credoappsdk.dart


Method execute()

Static method.


Collects data from the phone and returns locally.



CredoappResultReturns JSON dataset in compressed string format if collect action is succeeded

Method setForceResolvePermissions()

Static method.
Sets the permissions request behavior. The default value is 'true'.
Impacts iOS platform only. 



The Music permission (NSAppleMusicUsageDescription - CredoAppMusic module) is requested automatically once SDK requests the data even though false value

Credoappsdk.setForceResolvePermissions(bool force)


forceIf true then SDK requests permissions automatically otherwise SDK omits requesting permissions. The default value is truebool

Method setIgnorePermissions()

The true value allows data collection even if not all permissions are granted. The false value restricts data collection until all permissions are granted (including normal permissions). The default value is true.

Impacts Android platform only. 

Credoappsdk.setIgnorePermissions(bool ignorePermissions)


ignorePermissionsRequires boolean value true or falsebool

Class CredoAppResult

CredoAppResult states for successful operation and contains a value

Proxy & Proxy Encrypt

Field NameTypeDescription
valueStringReturns collected data
isFailureboolReturns false if the operation is completed successfully otherwise true.
messageStringReturns message value if the operation is failed.
codeStringReturns code value if the operation is failed.

Error Codes

Status CodeReasonDescription
30Duplicated areas errorThe extracting areas are duplicated.
90Unknown errorUnexpected error occurred.