TruValidate(formerly known as iovation) Fraud Check

Getting your TruValidate(formerly known as iovation) Fraud Check Result

The process of requesting a TruValidate Fraud Check from the credolab Portal is similar to the process of obtaining dataset insights.



Important: Before requesting an TruValidate Fraud Check, please make sure that you have successfully authenticated your session. If you have not yet logged in, please do so first before making the request.

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This endpoint assesses the risk of transactions based on the provided device and transaction details. The result is only available if TruValidate scoring has been set up.


referenceNumber [string]The unique identifier of the dataset for which the fraud result should be provided
rulesetId [string]The identifier for the rule is set to use for the transaction. The value is NOT CASE-SENSITIVE

Request Body

accountCode [string]The unique identifier for the end user's account or for the transaction
transactionInsight[optional]Ā Transaction attributes that can be sent along with device information to enable fraud checks based on identity data.

Transaction Insight ParametersĀ (optional)

email [string]Customer's email address.[email protected]
eventId [string]ID associated with a transaction. This may be your own system tracking IDs168200gsd851
mobilePhoneNumber [string]The user's mobile phone number.+15032246010

Request Body Example (application/json)

    "iovationRequestParams": {
        "accountCode": "string",
        "transactionInsight": {
            "additionalProp1": {},
            "additionalProp2": {},
            "additionalProp3": {}

Response Result

The response result is the TruValidate fraud check result.