Modify Flutter SDK

How to modify included modules set



Follow this instruction in case the particular modules are not needed or need to be added.

The full list of modules and their permissions can be found in the modules section of the Android SDK and iOS SDK documentation.

  1. Install the Flutter plugin as described on the Flutter SDK Integration page

  2. Open the \app\.flutter-plugins file

  3. Find a line that contains the following path pattern:

  4. Locate the path in your OS and copy the cached plugin to a folder along with your project:



    Rename plugin for simplicity

    Rename credoappsdk_proxy_encrypt-X.Y.Z -> credoappsdk

  5. Modify added plugins:
    Add or remove the credolabSDK module in Android

    1. Add or delete import statement in the CredoappsdkPlugin.kt file
    2. Add or delete addModule method at CredoAppService initialization
    3. Add or delete dependency declaration in plugin/build.gradle file
    4. Add or delete permission in AndroidManifest.xml file

    Add or remove the credolabSDK module in iOS

    1. Add or delete a module from the import section in a ios/Classes/SwiftCredoappsdkPlugin.swift file
    2. Add or delete a module from theCredoAppService instance by declaring or removing addModule() method.
    3. Add or delete the module from thecredoappsdk.podspec in the ios folder
    4. Add or delete permission in Info.plist file in your ios /ios/Runner folder

    See the examples

  1. Open pubspec.yaml file and declare the plugin in the dependencies area:
        path: ../credoappsdk